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Bates 01.05 Abundant Awareness


Abundance is a fact. It's not a feeling. We live in an era of unprecedented prosperity, peace and health. The numbers show that more people die of sugar than from gun powder. Obesity kills far more than hunger. Unfortunately, we don't see the evidence for abundance. It's a scotoma.

Scarcity starts in our minds. The challenge most people are having with self-quarantine is a lack of awareness. We learn by mimicking. We might listen to what people have to say, but we follow other people's behavior. If you've never seen authentic self-affirmation, watch this episode. "You'll agree - it looks ridiculous. Try it. You'll find it is powerful at changing your outcomes."


Remember March-May 2020?

"You might have been out of toilet paper, you might still be out of a job, you might have been out of food, you might be out of money- all of those things trigger deep emotional things and, you became aware of it!

(Oh great, now you know it's broken!) Okay.

So what happens? You shut down, you quit, over, done?"


"Becoming aware is not the way out. Becoming aware is the first step. (knowing how bad it is). Part of what makes this that your journey is not for you alone. And you're not gonna do it alone, and it's not just about you. Your journey, your personal Everest? It starts with awareness, but it's on multiple tracks and I can say that right now, I'm doing at least four. See I'm, shooting for the YouTube channel, I'm building out Scotomaville as a website for marketing and selling the book, and I'm working on the workbook and I have an InDesign file for the actual physical book. Four different, simultaneous facets while I'm being self-aware and attempting to communicate."

Key Points

  • Awareness is a start - it's ONLY a start.
  • Not going it alone will really help
  • Mimicking others creates new beliefs and habits

What's your favorite self-affirmation?

  1. You look fabulous
  2. You're smart, kind, insightful, generous
  3. What are you thinking - dumb-ass
Discuss Abundance

Challenge Your Personal Everest

The Greatest Expedition you'll ever undertake is the journey to self-understanding. I invite you on that journey!


If you don't think you can become rich, you very rarely do. You have to start by believing that you can, and then crave it passionately.
Mark Fisher



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Bates 01.05 Abundant Awareness
We're surrounded with abundance, yet few people speak about it. That's because it's NOT the normal circumstance for our history. Famine, plague, war, disaster... these were our normal, so our biology betrays us in an age of abundant food, health, pea...